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Vision Insurance

About Vision

The Vision Group was established in 2000 and has grown to be one of the biggest brokerages in the Northern Suburbs with approximately 40 employees. They are 100% independent and believe that their business is one of relations, of which professional expert advice is the cornerstone.

Why Vision?

Vision’s offering

Wide variety of services with experts in each field:
  • Short term insurance
  • Risk insurance
  • Investments
  • Direct Stock portfolios
  • Medical Aid & Gap cover
All your insurance needs under one roof!

100% independent advice

Access to all major product providers

Competitive fees due to long term relationships with product providers

Strong relationship with PPS to provide Graduate Professionals with the best advice (professions include Accountants, Actuaries, Advocates, Attorneys, Architects, Dentists, Doctors (belonging to the HPCSA), Engineers, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Scientists, Surgeons and many more.)

Access to investment structures which are not usually accessible to the public.

Short Term Insurance savings on premiums due to their strong, long term relationships with major product providers in the industry (in most cases they provide a lower premium with equal, if not more comprehensive, cover.)
Typical market offering

Usually focuses on only one type of service

Mostly bound to a certain product provider or giving preference to only one which results in not giving the best advice.

Access to only one, or a limited amount of providers.

Higher fees due to shorter track records and fewer clients

Usually limited to product providers not specializing in cover for Professional Individuals.

Do not provide access to investment structures which are usually not accessible to the public

No access to special premiums on Short Term Insurance which results in paying a higher premium.

Relationship with GA Mac Lachlan Inc.

Due to the nature of their business, the advisors at Vision often see clients taking care of their insurance and investment needs, but not necessarily receiving the best advice in other financial related areas. Over the years, they’ve built a strong relationship with GA Mac Lachlan Inc. (Registered Chartered accountants and Auditors). The relationship is built on a proven track record of trust, excellent service & communication as well as positive feedback from their clients.
Let us put you in contact with Vision Insurance
GA Mac Lachlan Inc

Office Hours: Mon - Thu 8am - 4:30pm
Fri 8am - 4pm
Telephone: 021 975 7735/6
Fax: 021 975 4652
Physical: Loumarie House 1st floor
Wellington Park, Wellington Road
Durbanville, 7550
Postal: PO Box 3052

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